Official Friday the 13th Forum Rules

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Official Friday the 13th Forum Rules

Post by Jason Voorhees on Sat Jun 24, 2017 7:11 am

Offcial Rules

1. Users will and must show some respect for both the staff and other users of the site!
2. Users are prohibited from uploading or posting any type or kind of Sexual and/or pornographic content!
3. Users are prohibited from posting Hateful or abusive content!
4. Users are prohibited from posting Defamatory content and/or affecting the integrity of a person!
5. Users can't Sale/exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a licensed practitioner/medicines without prescriptions!
6. Users are prohibited from posting about Drugs and or any other illicit substance!
7. Users are prohibited from uploading or post any Copyright infringement properties!
8. Users are prohibited from posting about Hacking of any kind or type!
9. Users are prohibited from Spamming the forum with the same discussions multiple times in a row!
10. Users are prohibited from posting anything about a Phishing or malware website!
11. Users will not commit any type or any kind of Credit card fraud!
12. Users will not ignore official staff warnings when given to them!
13. Be Nice, Friendly, and overall Social! We want to make Mommy Happy!


Users will be given 3 Pre-Warnings before an official ban is given to you!
: User pre-warnings are all used up.
: Ban for a Day (24 Hours)
: Ban for a Week (7 Days)
: Ban for a Month (Default 30 Days)
: Permanent Ban from the website.

Users should know this is official and this won't change....if you want to revoke your pre-warnings then make an apology in the Requests section of the forum.

Ad Promotions!

Promotions <- Click Here to Buy or Sell Items!

What are the rules?

Members may Sell or Buy Masks,Shirts,DVDs,Costumes,Toys,Games, and even Jewelry only! and SELLING OF ILLEGAL ITEMS! SUCH AS DRUGS OR 18+ OBJECTS ARE PROHIBITED ON THIS SITE! and if a Member selling is lying or even committing a fraud about an item they are selling then the member who brought the merchandise can and may call the AUTHORITIES as we don't condone or promote FALSE ADVERTISING!

Disclaimer about Promotions

We do not KEEP any money made by the seller! the money is purely and only kept by the INDIVIDUAL themselves! WE DO NOT DEMAND OUR MEMBERS TO PAY US FOR USING OUR PLATFORM!

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